Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5

When comparing the Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5, it is easy to see that both speakers have a lot for them.Whichever loudspeaker you choose, you will enjoy a fully equipped smart device with voice control support and a large number of streaming services. Although Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5 mean a lot to them, there are some important differences that can affect which device is right for you.

People who have embraced the revolution in digital music, but do not want to sit and listen to their favorite songs on iPods, tablets and smartphones when the groove strikes … Sonos is on the way to help!

Sonos is one of the most innovative, eye-catching and unique companies on the market that produces great streaming audio systems to enjoy any form of digital music.

They have released several popular devices, such as the Sonos Play 1, Play 3 and Play 5. The most successful is the Play 5, which presents itself as the company’s most powerful single loudspeaker.

The Play 3 is the older brother of the Play 1 and the younger brother of the Play 5. Although Play 3 is different from both, it offers exceptional features and quality.

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The Sonos Play 5is one of the best smart speakers on the market and has a number of useful features, but the Sonos Play 3 is also an excellent device that does not break the bank.

Let’s look at some of the similarities and differences of these excellent Sonos smart speakers.

Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5-Which one to Get

In this Sonos Play 5 vs Play 3 review, we will compare, evaluate the most important aspects of both Sonos speakers. We will also present detailed graphs and finally we will pass a reasonable judgment and a comparison as the main product.

1. Setup process(Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5)

The first topic that we need to discuss is the institutional processes of Play 3 and Play 5. It is essential for them to have simple and clear installation processes, because nobody likes to spend hours reading manuals and watching tutorials on YouTube.


The real reason why Sonos is so popular is its ease of use. If you think that the installation processes of PLAY: 3 and PLAY: 5 can cause a lot of problems, I will save you from torture.

What you need to know first is that we control every SONOS loudspeaker via the mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you have downloaded it, the app will guide you through the entire installation process.

If you want to know how to complete the process or how the visual guide looks, take a look at this:

If the video does not offer enough insight, here is also my step-by-step guide (below). As an alternative there is also a well-written user manual in the Sonos player package that explains the whole perfectly.

  • First connect the loudspeaker to the power source
  • Then turn it on
  • Connect it to Wi-Fi via the mobile application
  • Do the wavy hand dances
  • Done. You can play music.

That is all that is needed to activate your Sonos speaker. It is ridiculously simple, and there is no chance to ruin it. If you encounter any problems during the installation, contact Sonos customer service. Those people are fantastic and will help you with any problems you may face.

2. Design(Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5)

It is essential that modern products such as Sonos speakers have a striking, attractive and eye-catching design. When purchasing an item that is placed indoors, people want to make sure that it is in accordance with / improves the overall aesthetics of their interior.

Fortunately Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5 are well built and synchronize seamlessly with your interior. We have installed a few Sonos speakers at ‘Leads Rating’ smart home, and I must say that they fit perfectly into their environment.


In terms of size, the PLAY: 3 is larger than the PLAY: 1, and is smaller than the PLAY: 5. In other words, the PLAY: 3 is a medium sized speaker weighing 5.7 kilos. This model is available in white or black; it has three buttons at the top to change the volume or to mute the speaker.

If you’ve never seen a Sonos PLAY: 3 before, we’ve added a fantastic photo that shows its appearance. You can see how well the speaker fits the interior design. Moreover, it is so large that it easily fits anywhere, such as a bookshelf or a night table.

Sonos PLAY 3

The dimensions of the Sonos PLAY: 3 are 5.2 x 10.5 x 6.3 inches. What I like about the speaker is that you can place it vertically or horizontally. The loudspeaker has sensors that detect the position of the PLAY: 3. So when you place the speaker vertically, it switches to the mono mode (the horizontal position activates the stereo mode).


If you want to give yourself a Sonos PLAY: 5, prepare for some space. Unlike the PLAY: 1 and PLAY: 3, this model is not a speaker next to the bed.

While Sonos PLAY: 5 has a dark front speaker grille, it is located in a housing that can be supplied in two colors – white or black.

Do not let the speaker size deter you. The SONOS PLAY: 5 fits comfortably in most homes. If you are interested in what the PLAY: 5 looks like, check out the photo we have recorded.


Sonos Play 5

The dimensions of the Sonos PLAY: 5 are 8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 inches and weighs 14 pounds. The housing of the loudspeaker is of high class and you only need a single touch to understand the quality of PLAY: 5.

If you have limited space and the speaker can not fit anywhere, simply place the PLAY: 5 on its side. Like the PLAY: 3, it detects the current position and switches seamlessly from mono to stereo mode or vice versa.

The PLAY: 5 has a few buttons on top, but it is a bit different than its family members. The PLAY: 5 has a play / pause button and a touch panel to change numbers and adjust the volume.

3. Functions(Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5)

What we need to write about are the features of Play 3 and play 5. One of the main reasons people buy these speakers is due to their functions and capabilities. That is why we created a detailed diagram in which we recorded all the important functions of Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5.

features of Sonos PLAY:3 and PLAY:5.

Amazon Alexa IntegrationAmazon Alexa Integration
Multi-Room MusicMulti-Room Support
5-Minute Setup5-Minute Setup
Wireless StreamWireless Stream
Stereo and Mono ModeStereo and Mono Mode
Wi-Fi SupportWi-Fi Support
Mobile ApplicationMobile Application
Three AmplifiersSix Amplifiers
Three Speaker DriversSix Speaker Drivers

Although the functions of Sonos Play 3 and Play 5 are identical, the main difference between these two speakers is the performance possibilities.

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4. Sound quality(Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5)

We can consider this part of our Sonos Play 5 vs Play 3 review as the most crucial. The main reason why people buy such devices is due to their sound quality. If these Sonos speakers can not meet the minimum requirements of a buyer, we do not have to invest in such products.


Even with all the important things that we’ve discussed so far, Sonos Play 3 would still be unusable if the sound quality turned out to be waste. With a loudspeaker that is so small, it is quite surprising that the Sonos Play 3 can become so loud that it can be heard in an apartment of nearly 70 square meters.

While the sound on low and medium volume was clean, it becomes a bit muddy when you go all out. The lack of a subwoofer contributes for a large part to this problem, but you can not expect more from a single medium speaker.

When you are ready to invest in the PLAY: 3 speaker, you can manage the sound problem by purchasing multiple PLAY: 3 devices. For example, if you can get two speakers, you can each take one side of the stereo channel.

So, since a single PLAY: 3 can not match the sound qualities of the PLAY: 5, buying an option of the PLAY: 3 is extra to match the possibilities of a full hi-fi.

That said, it is unlikely that someone places two SONOS PLAY: 3 speakers in the same room, while pairing two speakers can help the bass problems.

Yet the Sonos speaker is much better than the iPhone docks of the same price range. The sound quality of PLAY: 3 is much cleaner and it is more difficult to determine where the sound comes from.

People actively discuss if Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is better for wireless audio. From what we have experienced and seen what Sonos offers, we can say that our Wi-Fi network immediately became friends with the PLAY: 3.

The TruePlay is another function. Sonos promises to be unique and changes game. Although the true value can be experienced with different Sonos speakers, we have tried to calibrate the PLAY: 3 in different rooms, including a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Unfortunately, we did not notice any differences that would have been worth mentioning.


The PLAY: 5is one of the most amazing creations from Sonos. Although every Sonos speaker is built to impress, the PLAY: 5 takes everything to a higher level. In comparison with other loudspeakers from the same price range, the PLAY: 5 easily takes the first place.

Within the PLAY: 5 speakers there are six specially designed drivers, three tweeters and three midwoofers. The sound of the Sonos is clean and does not deteriorate while increasing the volume.

The bass of the PLAY: 5 can be enhanced with TruePlay from the mobile application. If you want to invest more in Sonos speakers, try pairing with Sonos SUB, PLAY: 1 or PLAY: 3.

What we liked about the PLAY: 5 is that the sound does not get distorted when it is pumped up. The sound is thunderous and ideal for parties. To unleash the full potential of the PLAY: 5, it is advisable to purchase a pair to unlock the ‘orienteer’ function.

Just like the PLAY: 3, the PLAY: 5 can sit vertically or horizontally. The best part is that the loudspeaker automatically detects the position and activates the correct mode.

When we tested the PLAY: 5 at max volume (which is 94 dbs), it started to be distorted with 90 dbs. That is a great result compared to what other speakers have to offer.

Since all Sonos speakers use Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, you will rarely encounter someone who has had a connectivity problem. Plus, Wi-Fi allows you to stream higher-quality files, making the sound better.

To be honest, a single listen is enough to understand the quality that Sonos offers. It is superior to any other speaker in the same price range, and I have to say that Sonos PLAY: 5 easily outperforms a number of more expensive devices.

5. Mobile application(Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5)

It is essential for a device like Sonos to have a functional, simple and user-friendly mobile application, because we have to use it quite often to operate our speakers. So we have to be sure that the Sonos mobile app is well built and does not cause any extra hassle and headaches.

Because both Sonos PLAY 3 and PLAY 5 belong to Sonos, we have a single mobile application to control both speakers.

To begin with,for Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5 comparison, the mobile app is well built, structured and designed. It is easy to use and the navigation is intuitive. The app guides you through the whole set-up process and also guides you through other important events.

You can stream music from a variety of sources, including the most popular ones, such as Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and Groove. You can also play your private collection via your computer and disk.

The TruePlay is the innovative feature that was released not so long ago. The main reason behind the release was to help people better place and use their Sonos speakers.

For example, there were numerous cases where buyers placed their Sonos speakers in corners, making the device more difficult to unleash its full potential. After bad placements, some were disappointed and called the mess of the Sonos speakers.

The TruePlay helped to improve the situation because it compensates for the miserable placement by adjusting the sound to make it clearer and optimized.

We tried the calibration with PLAY: 3 and PLAY: 5 and although the difference was not significant, we noticed an improvement. I am pretty sure that the TruePlay gets better in calibrating over time.

The main disadvantage is that TruePlay only works with iOS devices. If you have an Android, you do not have access to it.

Sonos mobile application

The only thing I would like to add to the app’s capabilities is to stream music, YouTube clips or video game sounds directly from your smartphone. You can still do this by having a cable and the 3.5 mm jack, but it would have been great if it was as accessible as Apple Music or Spotify.

The Sonos mobile app will soon be excellent. It is one of the best on the market and we have never encountered cases of application that got stranded and crashed.

6. Pros and Cons(Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5)

What we need to write about now are the pros and cons of Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5. It is essential to know all the pros and cons to avoid misunderstandings before you buy one of these.

That’s why we created two fantastic diagrams with the pros and cons of both Sonos speakers.


Well-Balanced BassNo Bluetooth
Stellar SoundProprietary system
Multi-Room AudioNo High-Res Support
Works with Streaming ServicesNo Auxiliary Input
Amazon Alexa Support
Straightforward Mobile Application
Easy Setup
Strong Build


Well-Balanced BassNo Bluetooth
Room-Filling SoundProprietary system
Multi-Room AudioNo High-Res Support
Works with Streaming Services
Amazon Alexa Support
Straightforward Mobile Application
Easy Setup
Strong Build

Both Sonos speakers are powerful devices that are known and have thousands of positive reviews and satisfied buyers. We have both tested and can confirm that Sonos PLAY: 3 and PLAY: 5 outperform their competitors in the same price ranges.

7. Support(Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5)

Some people regularly have problems with their speakers and it is essential for a large company like Sonos to have a reliable, responsive and caring customer service. If buyers do not find answers in the user manual, community forums and YouTube, they always call on the support teams.

Fortunately Sonos is known for its excellent customer service. I have reached them a few times and always receive professional answers and tips.

So if you are having problems with your speaker, do not hesitate to contact them as soon as possible.

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Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5’s Accessories


Bose SoundTouch 30 vs Sonos Play 5

Sonos PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 installation is easy and flexible, and you can take advantage of additional mounts in order to get your speaker situated exactly the way you want it.

The PLAY:3 comes with a wall mount in order to save space on a table or shelf, as well as a stand mount when you want it placed strategically on the floor.

The PLAY:5 also has its own version of a wall mount and stand mount, allowing you to accomplish similar setups regardless of the smart speaker you choose.

8. Comparison chart: Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5

Before we finish the Sonos Play 5 vs Play 3 reviews, we want to present a detailed schedule in which we have compare these speakers directly.

Audio Speaker NamePLAY:3PLAY:5
Amazon Alexa SupportYesYes
Sound QualityGoodSuperior
Mobile ApplicationYesYes
Wall MountableYesNo
Easy to Set UpYesYes
Stereo SoundYesYes
Dimensions Of The Product5.2 x 10.5 x 6.3 inches8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 inches
Unique FeatureTruePlayTruePlay
Check Price

So the graph shows the similarity between the PLAY: 3 and PLAY: 5 models. The main difference between them is the audio possibilities in which the PLAY: 5 takes first place.

While the PLAY: 3 is not as good as the PLAY: 5, it delivers a superior streaming audio experience. The best part is that you can control it via a simple iOS or Android device.

The Bottom Line

Although both speakers are reliable, robust and durable, we still have to crown one as a leading product.

The superiority of the PLAY: 5 is visible in the above discussions. There is also a reasonable price difference, so we must be careful when choosing a better audio speaker.

The PLAY: 5 is the complete audio speaker on the market. It surpasses all other loudspeakers from the same price range and provides an out-of-the-box experience.

Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5-My Final Verdict

Although both speakers have their pros and cons, we believe that the Sonos PLAY: 5 is superior in almost every way. It is a more robust speaker with a number of excellent features, such as support for more voice controllers, a higher quality sound and even humidity.

The PLAY: 3 might be a better buy if you’re trying to save money, or maybe if you buy a pair of speakers, but with a 1: 1 equation, the PLAY: 5 comes in almost every single category.

The only case we recommend to get PLAY: 3 instead of PLAY: 5 is when you buy a pair of PLAY: 3 speakers. Otherwise the Sonos PLAY: 5 exceeds his younger brother on all important aspects.

Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5
  • 9/10
    Sonos Play 3 vs Play 5 - 9.0/10


If you’re looking for a high quality audio speaker, SONOS is a well-known and respected brand that has released several best-selling devices, including the Play 3 and Play 5.
On the other hand, the PLAY: 3 is the latest release from Sonos. It is again a great speaker that will amaze you. Compared to the PLAY: 5 it is weaker, not so powerful and the sound is not that clean.



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