Roomba 690 vs 890

Are you in search for Roomba 690 vs 890 reviews,then read on to decide which robot vacuum is best for you to buy.When it comes to household cleaning, you want a quality that is clean, but you also want a good price, so how do you find the balance? This vacuum assessment will look at roomba 690 vs 890 and will test each of these models. The Roomba 890 is reasonably more expensive than the Roomba 690, but also comes with quite a few extra bells and whistles.

Are the added functions worth the extra costs? This review will compare all aspects of these robot vacuum cleaners, including design, cleaning, dimensions, accessories and parts, cleaning performance, usability, maneuverability, maintenance, battery, sound, value, warranty, return policy and company.

Although the exact importance of each of these factors is somewhat subjective, they all work together to project an assessment of the total product value.

If you want to see how all Roomba vacuum models relate, take a look at our Roomba reviews.

There are many cool features with each of your vacuum cleaners and there is plenty of ground to cover, so let’s get started in this robot vacuum downloaddown: Roomba 690 vs. 890!

Sucking the house is not a fun job, so you would be more than happy to transfer that job to someone else. Better still, if it is a robot, because you have complete control over their work.

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Although having a robot vacuum cleaner feels like a dream becomes reality, this is not always the case, because many models place more emphasis on intelligent programming than a clean vacuum system. In other words, these robot vacuum cleaners can process your orders quickly and efficiently, but the same does not apply to cleaning.

However, there are a few companies that are trying to change this trend, so the robot vacuum cleaners, also called robovac, can score well in both areas.

One of those companies is iRobot that has released many best selling robovacs and has a good reputation for quality products. Two products at the top of their list are Roomba 690 and Roomba 890.

Let’s compare these two products to understand which of the two is better.

Roomba 690 vs 890-Which Robot Vacuum is Best?

Both models are known for their good cleaning performance, aesthetic looks and smart functions. Let us examine the differences between them to understand which is better.

Roomba 690 vs 890:Design

Roomba 690 has a silver and black aesthetic with green accents for special functions. This two-tone tone adds a touch of class to the product, while the green accents are used to mark the handle and the dust bin release. These accents are particularly useful for those who use this product for the first time and do not feel comfortable working.

The design of Roomba 890, on the other hand, is dark gray and black instead of silver and black on Roomba 690. There are also no brightly colored accents in this model, because the design itself is intuitive and does not need any accents to tell users about different operations.

In both models, the center panel has a “CLEAN” button. When you press this button, the cleaning cycle starts automatically. The operation of both products can be controlled with the iRobot app for smartphones or with voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

These models also have four basic activities, such as:

  • Auto-clean settings
  • handler
  • Bumper
  • Dustbin issue

There is no clear winner in terms of design, because both models offer their own advantages. The green accents on Roomba 690 make it easier for users, while the coherent color combination in Roomba 890 makes it more attractive. In terms of usability, there is no difference and therefore both models score well on the design factor.

Roomba 690 vs 890:Size and dimensions

Roomba 690 has a diameter of 13 “and a height of 3.6”. This size is fairly average in the world of robotic vacuum cleaners and is quite a size to get under furniture or to reach the tight bends.

Roomba 890 also comes with similar dimensions. The diameter is 13.9 “while the height is 3.6”, so there is not much difference here. This is also a fairly standard size and should be able to under most furniture and tight spots.

Obviously there is no winner here either, because both models have a comparable size and dimension and both can maneuver well.

Roomba 690 vs 890:Performance

Roomba 690 cleans with a rotating side brush, central bristle and a strong vacuum extraction. Together these three are doing a great job cleaning the place for you.

The side brushes push the dirt from the edges and corners to the central brush roller. This role collects all the dust in its turn, while the vacuum extraction can effectively clean the entire area that it can cover.

Roomba 890 also has a similar triple strategy to give you the most perfect cleaning. The extra advantage is that the central brush roller is more advanced than the one that uses Roomba 690. In contrast to the 690, it has double brush rollers, known as garden dusters, which collect all possible dirt and dust, including small hairs. This is why Roomba 890 is ideal in homes with pets or people with long hair.

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Roomba 690 vs 890:Tests

Many reviewers have tested both products on different floors and types of debris. Roomba 690 collected 99% rice, 100% grain, 96% cat litter and 95% sugar on hardwood floors while Roomba 890 100% rice, 100% grain, 92% cat litter and 100% sugar respectively.

Roomba 690 collected 100% rice and grain products, 98% cat litter and 72% sugar in low-pile carpet tests, while Roomba 890 collected 100% rice, grains and litter, but only 65% ​​sugar. The exact reason for this difference is difficult to point to a function.

Roomba 690 collected 99% rice, grain and cat litter and 66% sugar on high-pile carpets. In contrast, Roomba 890 collected 100% rice, grain and cat litter, while collecting 50% of sugar.

Roomba 890 performed better in cleaning all residues except sugar in these tests. Although Roomba 690 also did just fine, the 890 model did just well.

The final judgment – both products do a good job, but Roomba 890 is definitely better, especially if you want to clean hair and other small particles often.

Navigation(Roomba 690 vs 890)

Both models use the iRobot algorithm called iAdapt to make its way through the map. With this technology robovacs can understand the type of floor they work on, detect walls and edges and prevent falls.

Although both models are the same on this front, their navigational ability varies because of the presence or absence of other functions.

The edge sensors on the front of the Roomba 690 have a fall detection technology so that the device can not fall over stairs or lofts. However, the navigation of Roomba 690 is a bit suspicious, because it is not supplied with a function for memory cards. This is why complicated floor plans or those with multi-levels are not ideal for Roomba’s 690.

Roomba 890, on the other hand, comes with a memory card feature, meaning it can understand and navigate through even the most complicated floor plans. This memory allocation function uses infrared to identify obstacles and layouts, and the same is stored in the memory so that the device can remember it the next time.

Moreover, this function increases the efficiency of Roomba 890 because it does not waste time and energy by bumping into obstacles time and time again. However, the edge sensors are located at the same location as Roomba 690, but the presence of the memory card technology significantly improves navigation.

So the final verdict is that Roomba 890 has a lot of fun with this function. The navigation and efficiency are clearly much better than Roomba 690.

Dirt detection(Roomba 690 vs 890)

Both models use advanced technologies and acoustic sensors for dirt detection, which means that they can identify the dirtier areas and spend more time cleaning them.

In addition, Roomba 890 has a range of optical sensors that make it easier to identify and clean dirt.

So, if you think you will often end up with dirtier floors, Roomba 890 is your choice.

Roomba 690 vs 890:Filtration system

Roomba 690 uses the AeroVac filter system to filter out all dust particles and debris. The filter that uses this model is called AeroVac. The main task of this filter is to remove all the hair, dirt and dirt from the brushes and move them to the dustbin. The AeroVac filters work reasonably in filtering dust, carpet fuzz, dirt and pet hair, but sometimes the fluff and hair in the filters can get entangled.

The filter is also quite large and occupies considerable space in the dustbin, but it is fairly effective. The problem, however, is that there is not much room in the rubbish bin for debris. This can prove to be a problem when you have to remove significant debris at any place.

Roomba 890, on the other hand, uses a HEPA filter system called AeroForce. These are high-efficiency filters that are known to absorb more than 99% of all dust, allergens, pollen and everything else that is 10 microns or less. This means practically every fabric in your house, including your pet’s hair, carpet puzzles, pencil shavings, dust and much more.

This filter is much smaller compared to Roomba 690, and this means there is more room for dirt. This makes it more effective in cleaning large pieces of debris.

Moreover, this is a brushless system, so the brushes do not have to be cleaned periodically, such as the 690 model. The engine of 890 is more powerful and therefore offers a stronger suction power. In fact, the suction power is five times more in 890 compared to 690.
The winner of this category is without doubt Roomba 890 because the filter system is much more effective compared to 690. In fact, iRobot has corrected the mistakes made in this model in 690, especially with regard to the filter system.

Roomba 690 vs 890:Connectivity

Both vacuum cleaners are “smart” and connect to your WiFi system at home. The obvious advantage is that you can operate them from your smartphone app. You can even plan the cleaning time, preferably when no one is home and the appliances will clean the whole house for you. A clean house therefore welcomes you from your work again.

In terms of comfort and convenience, cleaning your house is just a breeze. You can even send voice commands through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to get the job done.

However, none of these devices can provide the so-called Clean Map report to give you an idea of ​​how much area it has cleaned, how much dust it has collected, the date and time of cleaning and more.

By comparison, both devices offer the same amount of connectivity and functions. But they can offer more, especially given the fact that they have the possibility built into them.

Parts and accessories(Roomba 690 vs 890)

Roomba 690 comes with four accessories, while Roomba 890 comes with three accessories. The general accessories that come with both products are:

  • Virtual wall barrier
  • Charging station

Roomba 690 comes with its AeroVac filter while Roomba 890 is supplied with its AeroForce filter. In addition to these three, Roomba 690 is supplied with an additional cleaning tool that is not supplied as part of Roomba 890.

So, if you are looking for the extra cleaning product, then Roomba 690 is the clear winner in this category. Otherwise both products seem to have the same parts and accessories.

Roomba 690 vs 890:Setup and usability

Roomba 690 scores high in terms of usability. The user interface is simple and intuitive and can be handled by anyone. The setup process is also simple, because all you have to do is unpack it, install, recharge and use the brush. It will not be easier than this. A document is also included to help you understand different parts and delete everything, in case you need it in the future.

Roomba 890 is also fairly similar to the usability of Roomba 690. The setup process is also the same.

Both products connect to the iRobot app for smartphones that has an aesthetically pleasing design and a clean user interface. Navigating is easy and you can find whatever you want in the app. Setting up is also easy. Install the app, register by entering your details and you’re done. It only takes a few minutes for the whole installation process.

Because there is no difference in usability and setup, there is no winner here. We can even say that both products are winners because they now have one of the best usability in the robot vacuum market.

Roomba 690 vs 890: Trash can indicator

A less important function that can make life a little easier for you is the indicator for the trash can. Roomba 890 has a warning sound that indicates when the trash is almost full. So you can empty it and maybe even clean the filters.

With Roomba 690 there is no such indication, so you wonder if the bin is full and needs to be cleaned. Although this is a small feature, it contributes enormously to ease of use and therefore the Roomba 890 model scores more than 690.

Maintenance(Roomba 690 vs 890)

Maintenance is a critical aspect when vacuuming. You do not need to have an extensive and expensive maintenance process for your hands, because that in the first place destroys the idea of ​​using an automated cleaner.

Fortunately, Roomba models are consistent in maintenance and are also fairly simple.

In Roomba 690 you have to empty the trash and clean the filters often to ensure that you have a good brush every time and to give the parts and accessories a longer life. The brush in brush style will also require more maintenance compared to the brush roller of the Roomba 890 model, especially if you have pets, because the hair often gets entangled in the brush.

The maintenance costs for Roomba 690 are approximately $ 33 per year. Here is a breakdown of the associated costs.

Battery18 to 36 months$20

Name of the partFrequencyCost per replacement
Filter2 months$1.50
Spinning brush6 months$1.25
Front wheel12 months$8
Brush roll12 months$5
Battery18 to 36 months$20

When it comes to Roomba 890, the costs and efforts are fairly similar. You will often have to clean the bin and filters to extend the life of the appliance.

An area where the 890 model scores more than 690 is the maintenance of the brush roller. In this model the role is provided with rubber to prevent hair contamination and therefore it is easier to maintain compared to the traditional bristle style brush.

But in terms of costs, Roomba 890 costs a bit more because the average maintenance costs for each year are around $ 36. Here is a breakdown of costs.

Battery18 to 36 months$20

Name of the partFrequencyCost per replacement
Filter2 months$1.50
Spinning brush6 months$1.25
Front wheel12 months$11
Debris extractor12 months$14
Battery18 to 36 months$24

Both batteries use lithium-ion batteries and provide a running time of one hour.

So which of the two is better in terms of maintenance? Roomba 890 again because you do not have to clean the brush in bristle style that is sometimes painful to do. Otherwise the rest are the same and the maintenance costs are also virtually the same.

Noise(Roomba 690 vs 890)

Most traditional vacuum cleaners tend to be noisy, but Roomba models are different. An acoustic test was performed in which the sound was measured three centimeters from the vacuum and the sound level was 68 dB (Decibel). To give you an idea, your hair dryer has a decibel value of 90 while urban traffic is around 70 on average. The sound of a crying baby can vary from 99 to 120 dB. So, relatively, the Roomba is quiet!

Both models have the same noise level, so you can choose either one on this front.

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Irobot Roomba 690 Review

The Roomba 690 is a powerful, budget-conscious robot vacuum. It offers wifi connectivity, voice control and great cleaning performance. This model contains one virtual wall barrier, has the bristle style and works with iAdapt 1.0 navigation technology. It lacks the memory function and advanced brush roller of the newer models, but for this price this robot vacuum is of great value.

iRobot Roomba 690 robot vacuum control

Reasonably priced within the $$ (moderate) range

Wifi connectivity and voice control improve usability.

The costs are very competitive. However, it is a good price for a robot vacuum cleaner of this quality.

Easy navigation and the lack of memory cards can be a problem for complicated floor plans.

Bristles in bristle style can be difficult to maintain, depending on debris types and use.

Not the best choices for houses with complicated floor plans, because the allocation of memory is fairly easy.

Bottom line
The Roomba 690 offers excellent cleaning performance and a simplified user interface. This makes it a simple and effective robot vacuum to run. However, if you have pets or long hair in the household, the brush brush of the brush may be problematic.

Check price

Irobot Roomba 890 Review

The Roomba 890 is a more expensive model, but the extra costs come with significant upgrades. This robot vacuum offers WiFi connectivity, voice control and excellent cleaning performance. Upgrades to the 890 model include advanced double brush rollers (for fewer tangles), a memory mapping function, advanced HEPA filtration and a full bin indicator.

Roomba 890 robot vacuum control

Memory mapping technology improves navigation.
Advanced double brush rolls are better for pet hair or long hair.


On the more expensive side, $$$ (more expensive)
The cleaning performance is not significantly better than the Roomba 690.

Bottom line
Although a little more expensive, the Roomba 890 offers a solid value. For pet owners, the double brush rollers are, in my opinion, almost necessary, making them easier to clean and the maintenance of the brush roller. Furthermore, if you have a tricky home layout or multiple rooms, the memory allocation function can help you better navigate through your home.

Cleaning is good, but if you compare it with Roomba 690, the difference is not big. However, if you have pets or people with long hair, Roomba 890 makes a difference.

Roomba 690 vs 890 Comparison Chart

For Roomba 690 vs 890 reviews,We have presented the comparison chart so that you can see both models of robot vacuum cleaners side by side. Your decision will amount to a vacuum that not only clean your floors, but also one that you can carry out with functions you really need.

Roomba 690Roomba 890
WiFi EnabledYesYes
Vacuum TechnologyAeroVacAeroForce
Full Bin IndicatorNoYes
Extractor TypeBristle Brush BarsDebris Extractor
Automatic RechargeYesYes
Forced DockingYesYes
Battery TypeLithium-IonLithium-Ion
Remote ControliHome AppiHome App
Voice ControlYesYes
Virtual Wall Barriers11
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Roomba 690 vs 890: what is better?

It was a tight one, but in terms of overall performance, the Roomba 890 is just better. It has a higher price tag, but the extra features really increase the overall performance and usability of this robot vacuum. The memory allocation function is an intuitive addition and the advanced brush roller provides easier maintenance, especially for houses with pets or people with long hair.

Roomba 690 vs 890, which one should you buy?

Both Roomba 690 and Roomba 890 are strong contenders. The cleaning performance for each of these vacuum cleaners is comparable. Although the Roomba 690 can save you some money, the Roomba 890 offers improvements and additional features that, depending on what you’re looking for, can be a real breaker.

Check Roomba 690 Price on Amazon.

Check Roomba 890 Price on Amazon

Both the 690 and the 880 have a similar user interface, wifi connectivity, voice control, edge sensors, dirt detection, drop detection, accessories, noise and capacity of the dustbin.

As additional functions, the Roomba 890 also offers an improved HEPA filter system, memory mapping technology and advanced double brush for pet hair or long hair.

My Final Verdict For Roomba 690 vs 890

When comparing Roomba 690 with Roomba 890, the latter is clearly better. Although it costs $ 150 more, Roomba 890 has many additional features that increase overall performance and usability. In fact, it is the ideal in homes with pets or long-haired people, because the advanced brush roller can remove all these things for you.

Roomba 890 Wins- But 690 is a better value

If this was a competition with only the best value, the Roomba 690 would easily take the crown on the cake. It offers robust performance and a good feature set for an exceptionally reasonable price. However, this is a battle of overall performance and functions, and the Roomba 890 is the better vacuum. It simply offers a more complete and sophisticated package of features at a price that is more expensive, but still reasonable, given the added bells and whistles. The Roomba 890 is the winner.

On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, Roomba 690 is still a good choice. But if you can pay the extra costs, go for Roomba 890 because it is one of the best models available today.

Roomba 690 vs 890
  • 8.7/10
    Roomba 690 vs 890 - 8.7/10


Roomba 690 vs 890 are two first-class robot vacuum cleaners on the market. With their powerful functions, good navigation systems and high performance, there is no way to remain disappointed.


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