Canon T6 vs T6i

The Canon T6 vs T6i are two great cameras.Both the Canon Rebel T6 and Canon Rebel T6i have a lot in common.That is why you have to be careful in your selection. If you are looking to upgrade your previous Canon camera or you are new to the world of photography and DSLRs, then you are on the right page. The Canon T6 is a point-and-shoot with a large sensor for better photo quality; and the possibility to change lenses. The Canon Rebel T6 has all the basic principles for this an affordable price, but that’s all. If you are looking for a camera that is easy to use and has better picture quality than a smartphone, then we do that have good news for you. The Canon Rebel T6 is the descendant of one of the most popular cameras of recent years and contains some improvements. Thanks to this camera you can transfer all your favorite photos to your device with the click of a button.

The Canon Rebel T6i has been announced as the best Rebel and not for nothing.

IR measuring sensor for more accurate measurement. It has some of the best technological features on the market for an affordable price, which could be better than that? Both cameras have their advantages, but they also have a few shortcomings that need to be investigated. We will look at the functions of each camera and take a look where they fall short. Then we will briefly look at their pros and cons. By the end of all this you should have a clear verdict in mind.

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Canon T6 vs T6i: Overall Comparison Chart Results

Canon Rebel T6Canon Rebel T6i
3 (weight, battery life, price)4 (megapixels, auto-focusing, screen, burst mode)

Below is  a side-by-side comparison Chart Table.

SpecsCanon Rebel T6Canon Rebel T6i
Burst Mode3fps5fps
Lens OptionsAbout 300 compatible lenses.About 300 compatible lenses.
Video Frame Rate1080p: 30fps720p: 60fps1080p: 30fps720p: 60fps
Auto Focusing Points919
Screen resolution920K dot1040k dot
Battery Life500 shots440 shots
Weight485 grams555 grams
HDMI outYesYes
Built-in FlashYesYes
Optical ViewfinderYesYes
Face Detection FocusYesYes
Panoramic ShotsNoNo
Headphone JackNoNo
SD Card Slots11
Price$449 standalone$650 bundle.$700 standalone$800 bundle.

Canon T6 vs T6i: Main Features

Every camera has its strengths and weaknesses. As a photographer you have a unique set of wishes and needs. It is time to choose which strengths and weaknesses that you can deal with.


It has a polycarbonate housing that is almost identical to the Rebel T5. This means that if you are planning an upgrade from the T5, then you can be sure that you get advanced features in a familiar and comfortable body. If you are upgrading the Rebel T3 and you will also feel at home with the T6.

It has a resolution of 18 megapixels of a spacious APS-C format image sensor. The T6 is somewhat behind with more expensive cameras when it comes to resolution, but usually this is enough for beginning shooters.

The design of the Rebel T6i is closely connected to the T5i. In fact, the two cameras look like twins. The camera has a compact housing with an aluminum alloy and polycarbonate and a composite shell. It may not be as solid as high-end models, but the T6i does not feel cheap. Photographers with big hands facing a known problem with this model.

The camera is compact, and so are the handles, so if you have bigger hands, you may have trouble finding a good grip on the camera,

The front of the camera is equipped with an AF assist lamp, an IR receiver and a stereo microphone. The left side contains the SD card slot and the I / O ports are on the other side. Most buttons are located at the back, making it easy to find and open the standard controls.

They are both well designed and even the newest newcomers will quickly become comfortable when dealing with the camera.


The Rebel T6 has an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor. This means that the camera captures images with bright clarity, the tonal range is impressive to. It also has enough resolution for large enlargements or crops, you can enlarge all your favorite memories without sacrificing quality. This one sensor provides an effective 1.6x field of view. It also has a few advanced Canon functions that ensure the light collection of each pixel maximized. The result is a brilliant picture every time.

The T6 also features the Canon DIGIC 4+ image processor that supports the more advanced features of the camera. Photographers will respond pleasantly performance that is as natural as breathing thanks to the accelerated processing speed. The processor also improves the image quality through the processing of high ISO recordings by 60% compared to the processors used in previous models. Your photos have a bright color and beautiful detail, even in low light.

The T6i camera has an advanced 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor that allows the camera to take high-quality photos. With HD and an ISO sensitivity of ISO 100-12800 the Rebel T6i captures photos and videos with brilliant quality in a wide range of lighting conditions. A smartphone would not even come close to these results. The advanced Canon technologies with automatic exposure functions make the camera user-friendly. When you use this camera, you can be sure that you will achieve good results.

This camera also features the DIGIC 6 image processor, which is crucial when it comes to video and photo quality. The improved light sensitivity possibilities provide higher resolution and less noise when shooting in low light. The processor offers high-speed continuous downtime and video photographing while automatically correcting distortion. Video records in MP4 format that improve compatibility with mobile devices and tablets.


The T6 uses a 9-point AF system with a middle intersection type AF point, which means that the camera can deliver a precise focus, no matter how the camera is oriented in portrait or landscape position. The system works with both normal and high precision focus, although this is of course dependent on available light and aperture.

These functions ensure that your images are clear and clear. The AI ​​Servo AF system offers reliable focus. The autofocus system of the T6i has been upgraded from earlier versions. The 19-point all cross-type AF system offers improved tracking of movements subjects, making it very suitable for making accurate action photos. Cross-type AF points ensure that the camera retains an accurate focus no matter how the camera is held and it does not matter where the image focus was reached.

The Canon T6i also has three selection modes for focus area: Single-point AF, Zone AF and 19-point automatic AF selection achieving accurate focus has never been easier.


Both cameras have built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, making it easier than ever to share with compatible smart devices. You can also choose which social media sites you want to use to show your photographic skills. The built-in NFC technology makes direct connection possible compatible devices by touching the NFC icon on the camera on your preferred device.

Thanks to the wireless capabilities of the Canon T6i, photographers can use their compatible smart devices to control the camera remotely via the camera Connect app. You could get a perfect picture from afar! You can also print your photos if the printer supports PictBridge (Wireless LAN), or of course, the printer must also be compatible. If this is the case, printing should be easier than ever.


Because the photos are the main reason why we are here, we decided to take a good look at the photos of both cameras. Let’s see what they are capable of:

Canon T6 images:

The images of the T6 look great thanks to the ISO 1600. Unfortunately a little bit of sound makes itself known, but if you are willing to use it noise reduction, then they come out better. ISO 800 still gives sharper results and you will probably notice no noise in one detailed scene at ISO 400.The reason that the ISO settings are functions is because ISO 100 does not allow the shutter speeds and aperture settings needed for most photos. Remember that a clear and noisy image will always be better than a blurred one noiseless image.

The good news is that noise reduction in the camera is available in EOS DSLRs. You can also apply noise reduction during post-processing.Unfortunately, noise reduction effectively reduces visible noise, but it causes great damage to image details and sharpness. You will have to choose what you can live with it.

The T6 usually delivers an admirably focus in One Shot AF mode. This does not mean that this is the best camera for challenging fast-action capture.When it comes to action photos, this camera does not score very high. It is doing very well for a camera in its price range. While you would not get it professional images, the cameras that get that kind of pictures are very expensive.

DSLR viewers are much better than those you find on cameras with target shots, but the T6 viewfinder is small compared to most DSLRs. Viewfinder format does not matter that much, it’s just about what you prefer to do. T6 is a compact camera with a sma body length and a small viewfinder match. Viewfinders are useful because they stabilize the camera against your eyebrows.

Another benefit is that they are good when taking photos in bright sunlight, because it makes the scene clearly visible and clearly shows the composition frame.

Canon T6 Image quality: The viewfinder of the T6 offers coverage of 95%, which means that you will have more subject in the final product than you initially thought. You get used to it quickly, it only means that you have to crop up a few things during post-processing. If you’re used to 100% viewers,then this will be annoying for you.

This viewfinder is light and cost-effective, but it has more air-to-glass surface transitions, making the pentamirror less bright than the pentaprism.

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Canon T6i images:

The image quality in general is a huge step forward for its predecessors. The level of detail is fantastic, but the sound levels do not differ the extra pixels on the sensor.

When you view the photos at 100% on the screen, the high sensitivity JPEGs of the T6i look better than the raw files that are created at the same time. Some even look good at about A3 size at about ISO12.800.

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When all noise reduction is disabled, the raw files have more visible noise at 100%. In this case it is fine-grained and there is no banding.This means that it is possible to create images that are slightly sharper than the JPEGs.

Canon T6i image quality:The chroma noise only becomes visible at 100% in raw files recorded on ISO1600 and higher. The softening of details associated with noise reduction of the default settings is 100% clear in JPEGs recorded with ISO3200, but it is not really a problem until ISO 12.800. The ISO100-12.800 is expandable to 100-25.600, and you will see that the images have good skin tones.


Looking at the battery life, the Canon T6 has a head start on the T6i. The T6i can take about 440 photos with a single charge while the T6 can cost about 500 on a single charge. This is not a huge difference, but 60 pictures is a lot when the battery life is almost exhausted.

Canon T6 vs T6I:Price

You can get a T6 from Amazon for about $ 449. This is only for the camera and a lens. Do not expect any accessories. You’re probably better off getting a bundle deal with 3-4 lenses, a tripod and an SD card (and some other bits and pieces). These cost about $ 650, depending on what is in the bundle.

A canon T6i costs about $ 700 on this Amazon. For $ 800 you can get a bundle deal, which will include a variety of lenses, a tripod, an SD card and a carrying bag.

The bundle deals are generally the best value for money, since purchasing a bundle is cheaper than buying the lenses and the tripod separately.The T6 is the noticeably cheaper camera.

Canon T6 vs T6I: Pros & Cons

Canon T6: pros

  • Good photo and video quality
  • Minimum shutter lag
  • Great ergonomics
  • built-in Wi-Fi

Canon T6: Cons

  • Slow burst mode
  • Buttons are small and inconvenient
  • Average autofocus speed
  • Average battery life

Canon T6 Review (overview)

Learning photography can be difficult, but it is a rewarding undertaking. Every experienced photographer will tell you that the journey is a lot easier if you have the right camera. The general consensus is that this is a great entry camera. If you are a nonchalant student who would like to increase the quality of their photos, then this is the camera for you. It works well with most photos and videos. It is also users friendly and has everything that a newbie would want or need.

It is the perfect camera to introduce you to the world of photos and image quality. If you are looking for an upgrade of your entry camera or become more and more sophisticated in your passion for photography, it is better to look elsewhere.

Canon T6i: Pros

  • Almost immediately respond
  • 24-megapixel sensor
  • built-in Wi-Fi
  • Great image quality

Canon T6i: Cons

  • Small viewfinder
  • The wireless link is a bit complicated
  • Videos do not have the best quality
  • Some focus problems

Canon T6i Review (overview)

It is always a good sign when a cheaper camera retains the same quality as high-end cameras. This is the case with the Canon T6i. It will be the. Do not break bank and it will perform many high-end functions. The image quality is great for this type of camera, and although the video quality is not excellent, it is good enough for most users.

The camera is not resistant to long-term professional use, but if photography is a hobby, then it is the right camera for you. The wifi connectivity can be improved, but each camera has a function that can be improved. The point is that many users are happy with this camera and will get it the job is done

Canon T6 vs T6i-My Final Verdict

It is time for us to decide! We have looked at what these cameras have to offer and there is only one clear winner. Which of these cameras stand out for you? If you are a beginner, then this is a nice introduction to the world of photography. Are you a seasoned photographer, then you will enjoy the features they have to offer.

The T6 is the more affordable option of the two, and it’s great that you get what you’re talking about. It is hard to complain about the camera when you simply consider how good the price is. It is a standard camera. It will not do less, and it will certainly no longer do.

A few of the functions irritate more experienced photographers who are used to being better. That said, beginners should find this camera joy. It is like a gateway to something better. This is the right camera for beginners, or if you want to upgrade a lower model.

The T6i is an upgrade in all possible ways. There are many functions that allow the camera to beat its predecessors. This camera is getting closer to the high-end models that professional photographers prefer than to previous models.It is more expensive than the T6, but many users think that the higher price tag is worth the quality.From my final verdict,you can see that the Canon Rebel T6 and Canon Rebel T6i have a lot in common.

Which camera do you prefer?

Although we choose a winner, it is up to you to decide what you want to spend your money on. As a photographer you have to act with all the peculiarities of the camera and minor problems. There is also a matter of personal preference.

What you are looking for in the camera will not be the same as what someone is looking for. When you have made a decision and know which camera you are want, go ahead and get it. You are the photographer and your preference is what ultimately matters.

As far as the question we want to answer is concerned, we have a clear winner. It is clear that the Canon T6i is the better camera. Although the Canon T6 is cheaper and lighter, these are the only advantages it has when compared to the T6i. The T6i on the other hand has better pictures, more advanced software, a much better screen and superior automatic focus. It has the photographic edge, and ultimately makes it better  camera.

If you are a beginner, then it is the perfect springboard to the world of photography. If you are looking for an upgrade, you will be happy by how easy it is to get used to the camera. An upgrade to this camera is like coming home after renovating your home.

  • Canon T6 vs T6i


Canon T6 and T6i are two popular, well-built, high-quality cameras. If you are looking for a professional device, you have to choose between these two.