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Are you looking  for the best Telepresence Robot reviews,then read on to decide which Telepresence Robots to buy.Telepresence robots are a cool thing to own. These wheel-operated devices are remotely controlled and can connect to the internet wirelessly. They also have video and audio capabilities, usually when adding a smartphone or tablet. Others have built-in cameras, speakers and microphones.

Telepresence robots are more often used in an industrial environment, including acting as guards or guards, health care consultants and factory inspectors, among other functions.

Now that telecommuting is part of an increasing number of lives, telepresence robots offer employees who work outside the office a way to deal with their colleagues as if they were in the office.

Now, what telepresence systems should you look at?

Best Telepresence Robot(s) Reviews of All Time

Double robotics-Best Telepresence Robot

With the double robotics telepresence robot you can be there, even if you are miles away. It has a 720-pixel camera at the top, so you can see everything that happens. Meanwhile, you can mount an iPad Air or iPad Pro to show your face to others.

Double Robotics also comes with an audio kit and a battery that can be used between six and eight hours. It comes with a rechargeable charging station that charges empty batteries in just three hours.

Double Robotics Double 2 Telepresence Robot for iPad Tablet (core robot only; accessories and iPad not included)


Adjustable height: the robot has two heights. You can remotely adjust it to headroom at 60 inches or seat height at 47 inches.
Stability check: the double robot robot of Double Robotics uses lateral stability control and is self-balancing, reducing the risk of the robot falling over bumps, wires and other small obstacles on the floor. When not in use, the double kick stands ensure that the robot is stable and can be parked almost anywhere.
Power Drive: it also features a Power Drive option that allows the robot to run 80% faster than its usual speed, at a speed of 2.6 km per hour. This is especially useful if you want to go to a meeting quickly or if you have to go somewhere.

Camera kit: the camera kit has a resolution of 5 megapixels with a wide angle lens of 150 degrees. That means you can take clear and clear photos without sacrificing the details. The kit also has the floor view camera that is always on. This will help you move the robot around.
Driver Apps: the Double Robotics telepresence robot comes with its own driver app that you can access via a web browser and mobile iOS / Android devices.
Pricing: This Robotics telepresence robot is highly expensive ranging around $ 3,000+, but you can get it a considerably lesser price here.

Suitable Tech Beam-Best Telepresence Robot

This usually allows anyperson to interact with colleagues in your office, even if you are not physically there. You can also tour around the facility and see how things are from afar.

Improved battery life: Beam has a durable battery that lasts two hours, a 10-inch high resolution LCD, one speaker and four microphones for better two-way communication, and two cameras with improved definition and wide viewing angle. It can also go as fast as 1 mile per hour and has a very low center of gravity.

Four-wheel stability: the suitable Tech Beam robot has four wheels, making it very stable.

Better cameras on board: in the meantime, navigation cameras are both forward and downward, so that you get a better picture of your surroundings and the robot can maneuver easily.

Durable construction: the Beam robot is made of very strong materials, such as reinforced polymer, making it very durable. It is also very light and therefore portable.

For a price of $ 1,995 from this moment (Check here for the latest version), you can easily get remote management capabilities for any suitable Technologies Beam robot in your business.

Beam System for Remote Communications Plus Dock

You can also opt for the upgraded version, which costs $ 3,995 plus the annual subscription. The improved version extends the life of the battery to about eight hours and has two Wi-Fi radios. It also increases the maximum speed to two miles per hour. Meanwhile, the upgraded plan offers you planning functions and better access control.

The Beam robot stands 52.9 inches long and has a width of 12.3 inches and a depth of 16.4 inches. He weighs 39 pounds. Meanwhile, the included dock is 6.5 inches long, 18.2 inches wide and 17.9 inches deep, weighing only 5.6 pounds.

iRobot Ava 500-Best Telepresence Robot

Not satisfied with the dominance of the robot dust market for houses, iRobot has developed other robot products aimed at companies. One of them is the iRobot Ava 500.

Cisco TelePresence EX 60 Web Conference Equipment CTS-EX60-K9

Trusted interface: the iRobot Ava 500 is controlled via an interface similar to that on iPhones and iPads. Planning a meeting or controlling the robot is done via the mobile app. The iRobot Ava 500 works on its own.

Smart Mapping: When you get the robot, it maps your office by going through all rooms so that it knows where to go if you have a meeting or if you need to check a specific department. That’s right, all you have to do is plan a meeting or conference, even if you’re far away and the iRobot Ava 500 finds its way to the right meeting room and takes its position. You do not have to control it!

Smart navigation: it will also avoid obstacles while it is on its way to the designated area. When the battery is almost empty, the Ava 500 finds its way back to the charging station, a feature that is reminiscent of the Roomba’s automatic dock.

The Ava 500 uses Cisco’s Telepresence EX60, which gives you 1080 pixels of resolution, along with sharp video and audio quality.

Adjustable height: you can also adjust the height of the Ava 500 to ensure that you can communicate in a more natural way with both seated and standing colleagues. And with the 21.5-inch high-definition screen of the Ava 500, your colleagues would not mind looking at you when you speak.

State of the Art Tech: the Ava 500 offers all the top technologies that iRobot has used for its home electronics products, as well as its RP Vita healthcare robot, along with Cisco technologies.

Premium price point: all these great features have a heavier price tag: $ 69,500.

Yes, you have to set aside $ 70,000 if you want to purchase the Ava 500. The good news is that you can rent these robots for a lot of manageable sum of $ 2,500 per month.

Kubi Classic-Best Telepresence Robot

There are times when companies do not really need a robot that goes through the corridor, but still want their employees to be able to attend important meetings without being physically present.On this condition the Kubi Classic could be the perfect option.

KUBI Classic Telepresence Robot, Web controlled Video Conferencing Robotic Desktop Tablet Stand with Far End Camera Controls for iPad, Galaxy, Android & Windows Tablets, Conformable Mount fits most Tablets from 7 - 10.5" in Portrait or Landscape

Table mounted: you can mount a tablet on the Kubi and with the servos you can pan and tilt the tablet remotely via the app or via your browser. You can adjust the controls so you can move the Kubi Classic easily and precisely.

Multiple operating mechanisms: you can also tap anywhere on your screen to automatically center the video feed and create screen shots. You can use your keyboard to control the robot when using a PC.

Display options: The Kubi Classic can pan at an angle of 300 degrees and can tilt up and down by 45 degrees. The basis is also removable. It has an RGB on / off button with a very visible status indicator.

Key features: The Kubi Classic measures 2.25 inches wide, 2.25 inches long and 11.75 inches high without the base. It weighs only 0.75 pounds without the base and doubles that weight with the base.

Can use different tablet tablets: you can use a wide range of tablets from 7 inches to 10.5 inches. That means you can use it with iPad 3, Air, 4 and iPad Mini’s. You can also use Android tablets running on at least JellyBean 4.3 and having Bluetooth Smart Connectivity.

Price options: The Kubi Classic sells for $ 699 (from this writing), but you can see the latest prices here.

Save and customize your presets: you’ll love the Kubi Classic’s ability to keep the camera positions you like, the custom controls and the ability to watch everyone who speaks or ask questions and target different people in the room while the screen is facing them. It may not have its own screen and can not travel from one room to another, but the Kubi Classic offers you a way to participate in meetings, even when you are at home or on a business trip in the area.

Best Telepresence Robot-My Final Verdict on the 

If you are a business owner who often goes to conferences or business trips abroad, if you have employees working at home or as a teleworker, telepresence robots are an excellent way to ensure that everyone who is critical to a particular project is present at meetings. and brainstorming sessions, even without being physically present.

It ensures that you do your work in the office without being literally in the office. Bosses can check in and compliment their employees for a good job, even if they are halfway across the country. With telepresence robots, meetings are more involved and everyone can be on the same page.

Ther are some good class of telepresence robots that would definitely deliver all you need is to be a bit patience.

Most have HD cameras, high-resolution displays and excellent video and audio capabilities. But if you have to move around the office, check out Double Robotics or the patented robots from Suitable Tech’s Beam. For both, you can get eight hours of work for about $ 3,000 to $ 4,000. Beam also has a cheaper version for $ 2,000 but it only takes two hours without charging.

If you’re the type that does not like to hammer the controls, you might want to use the Ava 500 robot, which maps your office autonomously, so you can just tell it to go to a particular room or leave it out. find it to the next meeting and then back to the charging station without doing anything. However, this convenience comes at a steep price.

For budget buyers: if the budget is tight, you can still enjoy the convenience of telepresence robots at meetings (ideal for videoconferencing) with the Kubi. For about $ 700 (Click here for the latest price), out-of-office staff can still participate in meetings and make everyone feel like he or she is really there.

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