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Are you looking for the Best Roomba Model reviews?  then read on to checkout our in-depth reviews and recommendations on the Best Roomba Model that will be great for you to buy. With the release of Roomba i7 and e5 that came out last year, there are almost too many models to choose from. It is impossible to know which Roomba you can buy without doing a little research. Choosing a Roomba should not be that difficult. As good as Roombas may be, the information on the iRobot manufacturer’s official website may be vague and somewhat misleading.

The i7 + is perhaps the most advanced robot vacuum on the market today, but not every function is a must. Different households have different needs of their robot vacuum cleaners. You do not want to spend as much on a robot vacuum and do not let it meet your expectations. It is difficult to know which functions you need and which functions are just marketing downs.

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That is what this guide comes for. This guide is the result of my personal experience with Roombas and more than 25 hours of in-depth research. Plus updates every time a large model is released. After reading it, you should have a pretty good idea which model suits you best.

You will discover what distinguishes each other’s Roomba model, what is fun and what is not nice, and which Roomba is best for specific situations (pets, long hair, multi-level houses, etc.). Only the best rated Roomba models are included in this assessment to keep the information relevant and digestible. Models that have been discontinued are removed in an effort to keep this manual concise. (I know that not everyone wants to read 10 pages about vacuum cleaners.)

Best Roomba Models –A Comparison Chart

Roomba 690Roomba 890Roomba 960Roomba i7
Multi-Room Navigationpseudo-randompseudo-randomlogic-basedlogic-based
Battery life90 minutes60 minutes75 minutes75 minutes
Included Accessories1 x Virtual Wall Barrier1 x Virtual Wall Barrier1 x Virtual Wall Barrier1 x Virtual Wall Barrier
Wi-Fi & App Connected✔✔✔✔
Programmable Schedule✔✔✔✔
Dirt Detection✔✔✔✔
Brusheless Rollers✔✔✔
Recharge and Resume✔✔
Visual Mapping✔✔
Can Clean Just the Specified Rooms✔
Bottom Line“cheapest WiFi capable Roomba”“easy to maintain”“great value when there’s a sale”“best robot vacuum on market today, upgradeable to the self-emptying i7+”
Current PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon


Roomba 650 Review

In short: “The Most Basic Roomba”

Oh, how Roombas has improved over the past two years. The Roomba 650 used to be so good! Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. It was the best-selling Roomba because of his winning combination of prize and features. But with newly released models I can not recommend Roomba anymore because the newer models blow it out of the water.

That said, there are still enough things to love about the 650. Two years ago I would have recommended this model with peace of mind. Roombas uses a pseudo-random pattern to navigate through your home, which actually results in a better result, especially on carpet. It is programmable and self-docking, which means that you can start it when you are away and come home to a clean floor and docked Roomba. Owners rate the Roomba 650 very high. It does a great job by picking up dirt and hair. It is able to get under most furniture where you normally can not come with an upright vacuum. See how we compared ILIFE 4A vs roomba 650 review here.

Now on the main reason why I no longer recommend this model – the rotating brushes. Designed as a conventional vacuum, the 650 absorbs dirt by stirring the carpet or floor with a rotating brush.I hate this on my upright vacuum because I have to take a knife and cut the hair out of the brushes. The Roomba 650 makes it a little easier because the brushes are removable and iRobot contains a hair extractor to make the process easier. Yet it is not a pleasant task.

Choose only the 650 if price is your only criterion. The roomba 650 is the most affordable Roomba (see price on Amazon). However, I think most people should skip the 650 and choose a better model, such as the Roomba 860.

Areas that need improvement:

The rolling brushes gets stuck with fur and this makes maintenance a difficult task

Two cell batteries accessory is needed to replace the virtual wall that comes with the old model

Bottom Line for Roomba 650:

Even if the price is the only concern, I would still recommend to skip this model

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Roomba 690 Review

The Roomba 690 was introduced in 2017 to compete with similarly priced robotic vacuum cleaners from competing brands. Neato’s connected range of vacuum cleaners all offer Wi-Fi and app connectivity, a feature that iRobot originally reserved for their premium models.

Enter the 690, which is essentially the same vacuum as the 650 except for three differences: Wi-Fi connectivity, a slightly upgraded Virtual Wall accessory and a Li-Ion (instead of Ni-CD) battery.

These upgrades are fun to have, but still do not relate to the main disadvantage of the 650: the rotating brushes. Without brushless rubber rollers, the Roomba 690 is just as difficult to maintain, as are robot vacuum cleaners from competing brands.

Do not fall for the Wi-Fi connectivity of the 690.Of course, the possibility to plan and start your Roomba remotely is fun, but in reality you will not do that regularly. Robust vacuum cleaners are meant to place and forget devices, and adding Wi-Fi connectivity does not add much value in our opinion.

Areas that need improvement:

The same as competing brands and Roomba 650: difficult maintenance when the hair is inevitably stuck in rotating brushes.See our full comparison reviews on Roomba 690 vs 890 here.

Bottom Line for Roomba 690:

If budget is your only concern, do not opt ​​for Roomba 650 or 690. Instead, go for an alternative to Roomba. Like the 650 and 690, Roomba competitors do not have brushless rollers. They are also usually cheaper than Roombas. If your budget is your biggest concern but also gives you ease of maintenance, go higher than the cheapest and choose the Roomba 860 instead.

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Roomba 860 Review

In fact this roomba is best for people with low budget

If we have taken the 650 out of the way, let’s look at some REAL Roombas. (Sorry 650!) This is the new standard in budget robot vacuum cleaners. If you do not want to spend too much money and want a robot that only cleans without extra bubbles and whistling, the 860 is probably the most suitable for you (check out Amazon price now).

How is the 860 better than the 650?

Brushless rolls (does more than you think) In the world of vacuum cleaners, brushless rollers are undoubtedly the best thing since sliced ​​bread. I love this new design so much that I no longer recommend vacuum cleaners with traditional rolling brushes. The manufacturer calls them “tinker-free blow extractors”, which is more complicated than it should be. It is actually only two rubber rolls with excellent “feet” that beat the floor and vibrate when the Roomba moves. The vibrations shake the dirt off the carpet and in the path of the vacuum. If you’ve ever tried to pull her out of a traditional vacuum brush roller, you know how annoying the process can be. With brushless rollers the hair rarely stays in the vacuum, and even when that is the case, removing the hair is a trivial task. Simply fold out the rubber rollers and all the stuck hair can easily be pulled out.

My wife has her shoulder length and so much of it ends up on our floors. The hair eventually ends up on the brushes of our upright vacuum. If I do not clean it so often, it would make this awful burning smell, something similar to a burnt hair and dust burrito. But pulling the hair out of the vacuum was so annoying, it was the job I hated the most. I hated it so much that I avoided vacuuming at all costs, unless the carpet looked dirty or a guest arrived.

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With the brushless Roombas all hair on the floor is now directly in the trash. We come home to a clean house and a garbage can full of hair and dust. Every time the Roomba vacuuming, I look forward to seeing how much dust and hair it got this time. It is so satisfying to see all that hair and dust trapped in the bin.closeup of roomba 860 rubber rollers

The 860 includes a “Virtual Wall Barrier” accessory (formerly called Virtual Wall Halo), a beacon that you can position to block access to certain areas. In the Virtual Wall mode, the beacon emits a beam to block openings up to 7 feet. In Barrier / Halo mode, the beacon sends a signal from a circle around the beacon instead of a beam. The signal tells Roomba not to come near the beacon. This is useful for things you do not want Roomba to topple over, such as pet food or feeders. Click here for a detailed overview of the Roomba 860.

Areas that need improvement

As good as the brushless rollers, the 860 is still a budget entry compared to other models in the Roomba line. Compared to the 880, the 860 is only delivered with 1 Virtual Wall Halo, a small beacon that tells Roomba where to go and where not to go.

Bottom line for Roomba 860:

People love it because it is really good for pets and human hair. If your home layout is simple and price is the main concern, go with the 860.

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Roomba 880 Review

How does the Roomba 880 differ from the 860? – Out-of-the-box Multi-Room Navigation
The 880 is an excellent combination of price and performance (view the current Amazon price and any discounts). It has the same brushless rollers as the 860. iRobot does not want to advertise here, but the Roomba unit itself in the 860 box is almost the same as in the 880. The only difference between the two models is the color scheme and supplied accessories. .

Compared to the 860, which is equipped with 1 Virtual Wall Barrier, the 880 is supplied with 2 Virtual Wall Lighthouses. Note that the two accessories are slightly different. Both accessories can be placed in the Virtual Wall (VW) mode, which emits a beam to block openings that you do not want Roomba to enter. The VW “Lighthouse” in the 880 is more advanced than the VW “Barrier” in the 860. You switch the beacon in the Lighthouse mode and place one in the doorway of every room that you want the Roomba to clean. The beacons then act as a gate and tell the Roomba to stay in the room until they have finished cleaning that room.

This method of vacuuming significantly increases the efficiency of the Roomba, because it saves time to wander unnecessarily between two rooms. As soon as the Roomba enters a room, it is not allowed to leave until the room is vacuumed. And once it is done, it will not go back into the room.For more information, here is a detailed overview of the 880.

Areas that need improvement:

The 880 can not be charged and resumed, meaning that if you have a large home, it may cover the entire floor completely before the battery runs out.

Bottom Line for Roomba 880

Although this is the best iRobot Roomba without Wi-Fi connectivity, I feel that it is stuck in the no man’s land in terms of price and features. Go to the 960 for better features or go to the 860 to save money without making too many compromises.

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Roomba 890 Review

In short: “Roomba 880 but with WiFi”

How does the Roomba 890 differ from the 880? – Wifi connectivity

The Roomba 890 is the answer of iRobot to the internet-connected BotVacs of its main competitor Neato. Simply put, the 890 is only the 880 with WiFi connectivity added.

With Wi-Fi, all possibilities of the iRobot Home app are available. The app registers, for example, how many square feet the Roomba has vacuumed, the number of times it has been cleaned and the amount of time that it spent in total vacuuming.

The latest line of vacuum cleaners from Neato are all equipped with WiFi, so iRobot reacted by adding WiFi to its budget (650) and mid-tier (880) vacuum series.

There are three differences between 880 and 890. The 890 has (1) WiFi connectivity, (2) an updated battery (now Li-Ion) and (3) only 1 Virtual Wall accessory compared to the two used in the 880 hear. If you want to know more about the details, click here to read our detailed comparison between Roomba 880 and 890.

Areas that need improvement:

The 890 has no cameras and sensors to vacuum the house just as efficiently as the 900-series Roombas. It also does not charge and does not resume like the 900 series.

Bottom Line for Roomba 890:

The same conclusion as the 880, because it is in fact the same machines.

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Roomba e5 Review

In fact this one particular is an economy class with affordable price tag.

Comparing the roomba e5 and 890,the roomba e5 seems to be far better than the Roomba 890? – Larger battery, larger (washable) collection bin

In addition to the i7, the Roomba e5 is intended as ‘budget’ Roomba for the next generation. Although visually similar to the 890 and practically identical, the e5 has some improvements.

The e5 has a larger receptacle than the 890 and you can even wash it in the sink. The washable tray helps to keep all parts of your robot clean, even in hard-to-reach areas such as the inside of the waste bin.

You will also notice that the e5 has a larger and more durable battery than the previous economy model. The potential duration of the Roomba e5 is 15 minutes longer than the expected battery life of the Roomba 890 of 75 minutes.

Partly thanks to a large 3300mAh lithium-ion battery pack, the e5 has a more efficient cleaning pattern and the sensors work faster.

Areas that need improvement

There is no reason for the price that the e5 could not be equipped with the camera for better navigation or map possibilities.

The charging and resume function has been well established since the 800 series. Although it should be possible to map it to work, it would be nice to know that your floors are completely clean by the time you come home.

Bottom line for Roomba e5

In terms of actual daily use, there is not much difference between the 890 and the e5. Pick up what you are for sale if you try to decide between them.

Roomba 960 Review

In fact: “The 960 is the best Roomba for households,which comes with a great price.” Comparing the roomba 960 and e5,the 960 model seems to be better than the e5? – Visual mapping + Charging and resume

The Roomba 960 is where the upgrades really start to get good. Although it was released in August 2016, the 960 is still one of the best vacuum cleaners in the Roomba series. (Check Amazon for the current price and any available discounts)

It was one of the first Wi-Fi-enabled Roombas. You can set the Roomba cleaning schedule directly from the phone and also change some preferences regarding how you want the Roomba to be cleaned. The app also has a reminder to tell you when the trash must be emptied and when the Roomba needs maintenance.

It is vital to note that the roomba 960 comes with a visual sensor. Unlike the i7 / i7 +, the 960 and 980 are the only Roombas that are currently on the market to have them. These sensors use your furniture and walls as landmarks to create an internal map of your home.

Previous Roombas always uses a pseudo-random pattern to vacuum, resulting in the random cleaning pattern that confuses most Roomba owners.

Vacuuming in a pseudo-random pattern is fine and even produces great results after several passes, but it is just as fascinating to view the 960 vacuum per lane per lane. If you have an indication for OCD, the lines traced by the Roomba 960 will meet that inner compulsion.

Finally, the 960 can automatically charge when the battery is low and resume vacuuming where it left off. Again, the 960 and 980 are the only current Roombas that can do this, thanks to their visual mapping technology. This means that, no matter how large your home is, Roomba can clean a full level when you are away, if necessary to recharge.

Areas that need improvement:

It would be nice to get a carpet boost like the 980, but given the price difference, this is our favorite Roomba.

Bottom Line For Roomba 960:

This is the best Roomba model you can retrieve if you want the best combination of price and features. The technology on the 960 is not just a marketing buzz, but results in a great user experience. Our top Roomba choice.

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Roomba 980 Review

In short: “Great for carpet, but too expensive”
What is the most significant improvement of the roomba 980 compared to the Roomba 960?
Short answer: higher battery power, newer engine and carpet boost

The 980 is similar in functionality to the 960, with the following differences:

The Virtual Wall Barriers are fun to have, but maybe there is enough for your household. You can also buy them separately if you think you need more.

The second difference is that the 980 has a better battery, making it a continuous running time of 120 minutes instead of the 75 minutes of the 960. Given that both models are able to charge and continue, a larger battery is not that much for me. If I will not be home when the Roomba is cleaning, what does it matter if it takes a break after half an hour to recharge?

The third difference is that the 980 combines a newer engine with an engine of which the manufacturer claims to have 10 times the suction power of the most basic Roomba.

The last difference is important for households with predominantly carpet. The 980 is equipped with an extra “Carpet Boost” sensor that can tell whether it is on a carpet or on a hard surface. When detecting carpets or carpets, the engine is boosted to increase the suction power. The idea is that dirt is harder to remove from carpet, so the increased suction will help compensate.

We compare the 960 and 980 here in detail.

Areas that need improvement

Although it is almost the perfect Roomba, the price is too high, even for the advanced functions.

Bottom Line Roomba 980 :

With the release of the i7, the Roomba 980 is stuck in a very difficult position. The i7 is equal or better and cheaper in all respects. Skip it and go down one model to the 960 (for price) or one level up to the i7 (for functions).

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Roomba i7 Review

Roomba i7 with smartphone. In fact: This model(i7+) particular is the Latest brand of roomba model without a huge cost tag.

Comparing Roomba i7 and Roomba 980,the i7 is better than the Roomba 980?

On the inside the engine has been moved to make the most of the powerful suction power with carpet boost. With this position it can pick up more dirt.

The dustbin is the largest so far for Roomba. The 0.7 liter capacity collection tank can only be found on the i7, i7 + and the e5 models. Regardless of how often you vacuum, a larger bin means less emptying after a cleaning session.

This has been done in part to support the new navigation software. The i7 and i7 + are the only two models to use the iAdapt 3.0 technology, which means:

  • The robot detects parts of your home that need to be constantly cleaned deeper and pinpoints those areas on the internal board.
  • The roomba  i7 can now map and remember up to 10 different floor plans simultaneously – this means that it will know if it is up or down in your house after a few runs.
  • Moving furniture does not mean that the robots have to plan the whole plan again. The i7 now adjusts the locations of obstacles.
  • Sand or dirt detection has been improved so that the robot can make small adjustments in the cleaning angle instead of having to loop around.

You may have heard of their new “Imprint Smart Mapping” option. What this means is:

  • You can give your rooms (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.) a name and only clean up a specific room.
  • You can use voice commands with Amazon / Google devices to say things like “Alexa, say Roomba to clean the bedroom.” The robot goes off to clean that room.

At present, only a single room can be cleaned using voice commands. If Smart Mapping is enabled, you can use the normal voice command to clean the whole house and the robot will only clean the rooms that are on the card.

Although the i7 is technically better, emptying the trash can not be a terrible job. Paying a lot more money for the i7 + is a bad idea. Of course, if you later decide that you want the i7 +, you can always make the purchase and upgrade.

Areas that need improvement

The voice commands for cleaning multiple rooms are not yet available, but they should. The use of voice commands to clean only one room at a time is fun, until you have cleaned two rooms.

Bottom Line for Roomba i7 :

The Roomba 980 is not installed, this is our new best general choice. If you have the budget, the i7 is the easy choice. It is better in all respects than the 980 and it is cheaper. Even if you want to upgrade later, you can always turn it into an i7 + by purchasing the dock separately.

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Roomba i7+ Review

In short: “Upgraded i7 with the possibility to empty yourself”

How is the Roomba i7 + better than the Roomba i7?

Thanks to the different docking station, it can self-empty: the roomba i7 + has a special charging station, the “Clean Base”, with which it can empty itself.


For every other Roomba on the market, the dock has not changed much: they have a low profile and do not occupy much floor space.

For the i7 +, the Clean Base automatically removes everything from the trash whenever it is deposited.

The process is, however, loud. You will not be able to mute it and will know for sure when it is being used. If you are an experienced Roomba owner, you know how Roomba sounds during vacuum cleaning. The clean base is different, it is LOUD. It sounds like a full upright vacuum as it turns out.

Admittedly, this sound only takes a few seconds. It is certainly noticeable even if you are not in the same room. Unless you live in a country house, you can hear the robot discharge regardless of where you are in the house.

One thing we should give iRobot is the design of the Clean Base, even if it looks BIG, it does not take more footprint than the Roomba itself. With the robot attached, the only extra space that the Clean Base occupies is the 18.5 inch “air space” above the Roomba.

The dustbin also differs somewhat from self-loading: while the size is the same as the i7, the i7 + drawer has an opening with a rubber flap that allows the Clean Base to suck out the contents. The valve prevents the contents from escaping back to your floor. It is this seal that recognizes the clean base and starts sucking out the contents.

In addition to the above two differences, the robots themselves are identical. This means that you can upgrade from the i7 to the i7 + if you later change your mind.

For this reason, we do not recommend the i7 +. The higher costs are not worth the automatic garbage bin to empty and you can always upgrade (but not downgrade)!

Areas that need improvement

The Clean Base is very loud.
The use of disposable bags seems a step backwards at this time. Not to mention it is an extra cost item. Perhaps an optional reusable large bin can help. It is really not that much work to empty a trash can.

Bottom Line for Roomba i7 +:

For people who really dislike emptying the dustbin and people with serious dust allergies, the Roomba i7 + is logical. For everyone, the i7 is a much cheaper option.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Best Roomba Model

So the 900-series can clean a full level, what about the 800-series?

iRobot only guarantees that the 960 and 980 can clean a full level because these are the only models with built-in cameras and visual navigation. They chart the floor when they vacuum and do this in more or less straight lines. They have also been tested in the laboratory to cover up to 2000 m².

In contrast,For the 800 roomba models,it tends to clean randomly.It does not clean a complete level if the layout is divided into several rooms with doors and corridors. Most American houses probably fall into this type of layout.

My house has multiple rooms, would an 8XX Roomba clean every room of that room every day?
He would walk about 60 minutes and then return to the charging station. How far it goes depends heavily on the layout of your house.

Let’s say you have an area of ​​1500 square meters in a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. You place the docking station and Roomba 860 in the living room and set its schedule to start cleaning every day at 10 o’clock. Would it clean any room?

In this layout, the 860 probably would not reach everything. This is because it uses a semi-random pattern when determining the next step. The area where the Roomba starts will always be vacuumed, but where the Roomba then goes is random.

The navigation logic of the 800 series uses the feedback from the sensors to take 60 decisions per second at the place where it goes and dictates 40 robot movements.

What this translates to is not so impressive in real life. If it is located near an open door, it will probably end up in most of the time.

But without the charging and resume function of the 900 series, it probably will not cover every room. It vacuums as much as possible (which rooms it tackles by chance), and returns to the home base when it no longer has juice.

On the other hand, if you live in a gigantic studio that has just the shape of a rectangle of 1,500 square meters, the 860 would probably suck it all a go.

So I should not get an 800-series Roomba if I have a multi-room layout?

If you have a small budget and do not mind picking up the Roomba manually and placing it in the room you want to vacuum clean, one of the 800 series is fine.

But if you want to take the “set it and forget it” approach, you are probably better off with a 960 or 980. They can map the plan, divide it into zones and cover every inch of the floor zone-by zone.

Is it true that you can not move Roomba from one floor to another in a multi-storey house because it can only remember one floor?
This is not true. In terms of card options, there are two Roombas categories.

Roomba models 6xx, 7xx and 8xx have no assignment options and will therefore never “learn” your home layout. This means that it does not matter if you move them from one floor to another.

Roomba models 960 and 980 have built-in mapping. But every time they do a new cleaning cycle, they create a new map of the layout. In other words, this Roombass does not store or store the mapped areas (at least the current software does not), so moving to another story of the house would not confuse it.

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Will the Roomba climb over my transitional forms or other obstacles?
Yes, most likely. Unless the difference in height between two areas is very significant (i.e., more than 3/4 “), all common Roomba models with their 3-inch wheels should easily climb over the obstacle.

Is a Wi-Fi home network required for Roombas with Wi-Fi functionality?

Do I have to download the iRobot app?
No, you do not need a Wi-Fi home network to use Roombas via the internet.

Without a home network (and thus the ability to use the app), the Roombas will still be vacuuming (you can just get the physical Cleanup button), but you’ll miss the features that the iRobot Home app requires such as scheduling and changing cleaning preferences.

Since internet connectivity causes some of these robots to cost more, I recommend using one of the more basic models if you do not expect to have WiFi at home.

How loud are Roombas while vacuuming?
Because they use comparable engines and suction technology, noise levels do not vary significantly between these five Roomba models. The noise level depends on the type of surface that it is vacuuming.

The Roomba 880 is about 65 decibels on my hardwood floor. It is quieter on carpet, about 60 db.

Although these are silent due to vacuum standards, they are not quiet enough to sleep while they are clean.

How good are Roombas at Cleaning Corners?
All Roombas have a rotating side siphon that sucks dirt into the suction path. In a regular room (where the corners are at 90 degrees angles) there will be a small triangle of about 1.5 inches long, where the side brush can not reach. This means that those corners are never vacuum cleaned by the Roomba.

In practical terms, however, this has not caused any problems, which means that the corners of my house are clean and I do not see dust build-up in the form of a triangle in the corners.

Which one of these Best  Roomba model is good for these particular conditions?

Hair and pets
If you have pets or a relative with long hair, choose everything except the 650. Not only are all other models equipped with HEPA filters, they are a breeze to clean. With the 650 you want to start pulling your own hair while you try to grab the hair that is in the vacuum.

Floors – Hard floor surface (such as hardwood, tiles, marble, etc.)
All Roombas perform similarly on hard surfaces. Although the different models claim 5x or 10x suction on their boxes, they all seem to catch the same dirt on a hard floor, even the poor 650 that I keep bashing.See our reviews on best roomba for hardwood floor here.

Flooring – Carpet
The best Roomba carpet model is the 980. As our reader Scott noted in the comment section, the 980 does much better on carpet than the 960. In practice, one of the Roombas in this guide will do well, but if you high pile carpet and want the best of the best, the 980 is the best choice.

Home Layout – Studio or a bedroom
When it comes to simple layouts, every Roomba will do it in this guide. The 650, 860 and 880 use a pseudo-random cleaning pattern that zigzags around your house to cover every inch. The 960 and 980 are more advanced and use the cameras to map your home, where large open areas are sucked in straight lines. Both methods will work, so the cheaper models are good enough.

Home Layout – 2+ bedrooms
The best Roombas for multi-bedroom households are the 960 and 980. They are equipped with visual mapping technology and are currently the only two Roombas on the market that can efficiently navigate and clean a whole level.

Home Layout – Multiple stories
Unfortunately there is no Roomba that can vacuum two levels at once. The ability to climb stairs is simply too complex for consumer robots with current technology. Some owners have suggested that you place your older Roombas on your upper level if you have a new one. See our reviews on roomba black friday and cyber monday deals and discounts here.

Not everyone can pay for two Roombas at a time. So until that time you can just pick it up and drop it to the level you want to vacuum and press the large “Clean” button in the middle. The Roomba does not care where it is placed and vacuums the area as a whole.

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Finally,It is difficulty sometimes to find the right Best roomba model to use for your home cleaning and that is why we hope that we have helped you to finding the Best roomba model.

Which Roomba is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comment section below.Feel free to share this article with your friends! if you find it useful!!

Best Roomba Model
  • Best Roomba Model


Are you looking for the Best Roomba Model reviews?  then read on to checkout our in-depth reviews and recommendations on the Best Roomba Model that will be great for you to buy. With the release of Roomba i7 and e5 that came out last year, there are almost too many models to choose from.

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