Roomba Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

We have made the best collections of roomba black friday and cyber monday deals for 2018.This is a comprehensive tracker for ALL deals, regardless of the smart home category … At the moment we are in the “Cyber ​​Week” deal period:

Last year saw some incredibly steep robot vacuum deals and specific Roomba deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This year 2018, is out in front, updating hourly with the very best deals currently going on for robot vacuums. Keep this page on your favorites as the Holiday shopping season heats up!

However, some deals are not REALLY deals. We look at prices all year round, so we know which discounts are out of the ordinary (and really good bargains) vs just a marketing gimmick.

Best Early Black Friday Robot Deal Today: The Roomba 690 was JUST knocked down to 21% off here. This is my TOP deal right now. It’s the lowest price ever on this particular unit.

Bottom Line Up Front: If you want my TOP 3 current favorite ongoing deals, check out the table below:

ModelRetail PriceDeal PricePercentage Savings
Roomba 960
$699.00Check Live Pricing Here22%
Roomba 890$499.00Check Live Pricing Here20%
Roomba 690$374.99Check Live Pricing Here21%

Current Roomba Cyber Monday Deals and Black Friday DealsContinue reading for the FULL deals list…

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Best Roomba Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals For Home Vacuums

The following is a list of the best selling Roomba’s and the current deals going on:

  • Roomba i7+ Deals – This SELF EMPTYING Roomba was JUST released, but it is not on sale yet (will update as soon as we find a deal!).
  • Roomba i7 Deals – This one is the same as above, just without the emptying bin included. It’s also not on sale (yet!).
  • Roomba e5 Deals – Very similar to the above, but less features, also with no discount yet.
  • Roomba 980 Deals – FINALLY, the Roomba 980 has been discounted! It’s available here for about 8% off. This is lowest that it has ever been. If you are on the fence, I’d recommend jumping on this while it is available. Typically it’s $100 more expensive!
  • Roomba 960 Deals – Similarly, the Roomba 960 is currently available for 22% off here. This is the lowest I have seen this model, ever.
  • Roomba 890 Deals – The new Roomba 890 recently hit the market with WiFi capability (first for the 800 series). The 890 is now on sale for a cool 20% off here. This is not the lowest it has been, but still a very good discount historically speaking.
  • Roomba 880 Deals – The 880 is no longer  discounted here. This is HAD been a fairly good deal, but there have been some shortages going on due to popular demand.
  • Roomba 877 Deals – The 870 is currently no longer discounted here.
  • Roomba 860 Deals – The Roomba 860 is currently no longer on sale here right here.
  • Roomba 780 Deals – There are currently no deals on the Roomba 780 right now.
  • Roomba 770 Deals – The Roomba 770 is is not on sale anymore.
  • Roomba 761 Deals – There are no current deals on the Roomba 761 right now.
  • Roomba 690 Deals – The all nee WiFi enabled Roomba 690 is available for 21% off here right now. This is a RECORD low price and my favorite robovac deal right now.
  • Roomba 675 Deals – The new Roomba 675 comes with WiFi capability but without the hefty price tag. Currently, it’s available here for 8% off right now.
  • Roomba 650 Deals – The 650 is currently on sale for 20% off here. This is the cheapest Roomba you will find (and also one of the best selling historically).
  • Roomba 614 Deals – You can find the Roomba 614 is on sale for 34% off here. This deal is one of the better deals, making it the best priced for a while (and for the best pure discount).
  • Roomba 595 Deals – There are no deals for the 595 right now.
  • iRobot Braava Jet 240 Deals – The Braava Jet 240 is on sale here for 10% off right now. There have been a few special promotion periods for the new Jet 240, so we will update this as soon as new pricing hits!
  • iRobot Braava 380t Deals – You can find the Braava 380t on sale for 15% off right here. This is the best discount so far this Holiday season.

Best Neato (Botvac) Black Friday Deals – Current Deals on Neato

Neato Robotics is the second most popular brand of robotic vacuums behind iRobot. They also feature deals from time to time. Check out the models below to find the best current Botvac deals.

The Best Neato Deal of the Day?

Here are Currently my favorite Botvac deal is:

  • Neato Botvac D5 Deal – The Botvac D5 was just discounted to 25% off at this listing. This is the lowest I’ve seen it, so I’d recommend jumping on this one if you’ve been on the fence about a new Botvac.
  • Neato Botvac D3 Deals -The Botvac D3 is no loner on sale here.
  • Neato Botvac D4 Deal – This is a more recent release from Botvac (with WiFi control), but it currently is not on sale.
  • Neato Botvac Connected Deals – The Botvac Connected was recently put on sale for the Holidays.  You can find it here, although the discounts are variable.
  • Neato Botvac D5 Deal – The Botvac D5 was just discounted to 25% off at this listing. This is the lowest I’ve seen it, so I’d recommend jumping on this one if you’ve been on the fence about a new Botvac.
  • Neato Botvac D7 Deal – The D7 is a multiple floor plan mapping beast, recently released! It’s available here for a record 13% off right now.
  • Neato Botvac D85 Deals – There are no current deals on the D85.
  • Neato Botvac D80 Deals – They recently dropped the price on by about 32% off here. This is the best discount this Holiday season so far on the D80.

Best Ecovacs Black Friday Deals – Deals on Ecovac Robot Vacuums

These our the top deals on Ecovacs (Deebot) robots right now:

Best Samsung PowerBot Deals – Deals on Samsung Powerbot Robots

The following are the top deals on Samsung brand robots right now:

Best Shark Cyber Robot Deals – Deals on Shark ION Robots

The following is a list of the top deals trending for the new Shark ION series:

Best ILIFE Robot Deals – Top Deals on ILIFE Brand Robots

For ILIFE brand robots, check out these top deals right now:

Other Deals on Robot Vacuums Today

There are some other lesser known brands that we cover here at AllHomeRobotics. Below we’ve listed the deals we are tracking for these:

  • Dyson 360 Eye Deals – The Dyson 360 Eye has recently been lowered in price. It is now no longer discounted here. Check back to see if it is discounted at a later date.
  • Bobsweep Deals – The Bobsweep Bobi Pet is available here for 33% off. Keep in mind, this robot is now one of the older breeds. As such, the “deal” should be considered relative to the other budget robots currently on the market.
  • Hoover Rogue 970 Robot Vac Deal: Hoover is currently offering a record 40% off the Rogue 970 here. Comes with WiFi control, smart wall technology, and Alexa and Google compatibility.

There are some lesser known “fly by night” brands selling robot vacuums as well, but these deals are generally difficult to ascertain if they are “real deals” or just pricing gimmicks for cheap knock-offs.

If readers want us to cover a particular model not listed here, feel free to comment below.

What is the Best Roomba Black Friday Deal?

Black Friday has ended… but check out the early Cyber Monday deals below..

The Roomba 690 was JUST knocked down to 21% off here. This is my TOP deal right now. It’s the lowest price ever on this particular unit.

What is the Best Roomba Cyber Monday Deal?

Cyber Monday has ended, but we will update this space for next year as the deals happen!

What is the Best Roomba Green Monday Deal?

We will update this section on Monday with the top Green Monday deals for Roomba!

What is the Best Roomba Super Saturday Deal?

We will update this section on Monday with the top Super Saturday deals for Roomba!

What is the Best Roomba Free Shipping Day Deal?

This section will be updating on Free Shipping Day!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Information for Robots

As a quick primer, here are some helpful e-commerce experts “rules of thumb” for finding the best robot vacuum deals this year:

  • Remain Flexible: Most roomba vacuum offerings and similar brands will discount SELECT models each year. They are rarely the same model, so don’t get hung up on specific ones. Rather, create a list of the most important features you need and cross reference with the deals that come up.
  • If You See a Deal, Grab it: It used to be that waiting until the last possible minute led to the best deals; however, marketing online has changed this. Many of the best deals will be on for specific time periods and then gone. Most retailers like Amazon can afford to sit on inventory post-holidays, so the same “sell it at all costs” mentality is not as prevalent.
  • Compare online retailers: although Amazon often has the best number of deals, almost every retailer has their own deal online. They do not necessarily coincide with Amazon and some brands, especially iRobot vacuum cleaners, sell a high volume of robot vacuum cleaners directly from their site every year during these events.


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